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Our History

Don Carr


Grace Fellowship of Dallas, Inc. began as a small Bible Study in the home of their Pastor, Don Carr in September of 1992. At the outset there were 12 people meeting together for Bible Study and prayer on Thursday nights. It became apparent to those who were attending at the time that there was a need for a church that was similar in nature to the Bible Study. Don Carr and his wife, Evelyn, were primarily on the road as evangelists with their own music group, ministering in churches, concert halls, public schools and prisons. During one of these trips, Don felt that the Lord was calling him to take this Bible Study group and become a church. As the people got together to discuss the possibility, the same theme kept coming to the forefront of the conversation. The topic that kept coming up was how the church as a whole was losing a large segment of our society by focusing on the wrong things. The church determined to go after this group of people.

The group that has been targeted are those who have been hurt or discouraged by the religiousness of church. What is meant by that is simply this. The church that Jesus Christ started was not focused on how a person dressed. Jesus largely ministered to those who had very little. This church would be a church whose arms would be open to everyone, no matter what social class or race they might come from. Grace Fellowship is a church established to focus on the grace and the mercy and the compassion of God instead of the judgmentalism preached by many. Many have walked away from God thinking that God hates them and the truth of the Bible is that God loves everyone and wants to help us to overcome the obstacles in our lives. The church has created a family atmosphere where people can develop relationships with others who will help instead of reject them in their time of need. This does not mean that the standard of what is right and wrong according to the Bible would be compromised by any means. Grace Fellowship would be a church that teaches the Bible expositionally (chapter by chapter). Many of the problems in the church today arise because many of those calling themselves Christians do not know their Bibles.


On June 1, 1993, Grace Fellowship, moved into the shopping Center at the corner of La Prada and Northwest Drive in Mesquite. After spending about a year in that facility, the board of the church felt the need to start a Christian school. The school is part of the church and is not incorporated separately as the church wanted the school to simply be an outreach of the church. The church expanded the space in the shopping center twice. From the humble beginnings of 12 people, the church has grown to about 400 who call Grace Fellowship their church home. The school has expanded to about 80 students and could have had many more had there simply been more space. They, once again, ran out of room and felt that building out more space in the shopping center would just be counter productive. So, God provided for the church to buy a building that Grace Fellowship could call home. The church moved into their new facilities at 3052 North Beltline Road in Sunnyvale, TX on September 1, 1998.