My nieces husband

Please do not share on social media. The whole family has not yet been updated. Requesting prayer for my Niece and her husband in Alabama. I just received the following update from her:
We had to call the cancer center yesterday because he had so much swelling in his feet that the was getting red veins on them where the skin could not stretch any more. The swelling had been getting worse every day since Friday. His left arm is swollen as well (but that one has been for a while). He is also coughing a lot, not sleeping and hallucinating. The center advised me that we needed to go to the closest hospital and get him checked out because that amount of swelling was dangerous. It took me 3 hours and a scheme that included my aunt and uncle to get him to go to the hospital but he finally went last night around 7:30.
They gave him meds to help get the swelling down and it is working but he is still extremely swollen. His oxygen dropped below 89 so they had to put him on oxygen for a little while. They had him on a heart monitor (not sure why but I am assuming because they couldn’t get a good EKG on him). They did a CT scan and it showed that the cancer has spread a lot. I don’t know if the doctor was looking at his most recent scan from the cancer center or if he was looking at the one from April (the cancer center sent over all of his information before we got to the center so I am assuming his most recent scan). He told us that there are several lymph nodes in his left arm that are really swollen so that is probably causing the swelling in his left arm. He did not tell us why he thought his legs were swelling. He told us that there are new spots in his lung, there is a spot on his sternum (which was not there 8 weeks ago), there is a spot on his right side (He has wondered for a while now if he had appendicitis. We now know that it is either a lesion or a tumor because it is in the exact spot of where his pain has been), there are spots on his hip (we knew about one because he just had radiation on it the week before Christmas). The doctor asked when we were supposed to go back to the center and I told him the 26th. He then advised us that we needed to call the center this morning and see if they could get us in sooner.
I have called the center but they are getting snow/ice so they are almost closed. They told me it would most likely be tomorrow before the doctor can call me back and tell me what we need to do.
As for me – I am still working. I have no choice. I need to work and get some loans going. However, I will most likely be working from home most of the time. Since the swelling is starting to get better I won’t be needed as much but it was so bad yesterday that I had to help him out of the shower, dry him off and get him dressed. He has more movement today since it is going down but there is still a ridiculous amount of swelling.

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