Don Carr


Children’s Ministry

Contact: Anna Krugjohann & LaDonna Lindberg
[email protected]

Teach 4 to 12 year old children.

College & Career

Contact: Chase & Whitney Douglas
[email protected]
This ministry is for those out of high school (or in your senior year) up to “30 somethings.”

Couples’ Fellowship

Contact: Jimmy and Carol Lynch
Couples, either married or seriously considering marriage, come together for a Bible study and fellowship on Sunday’s at 4pm

Door Dudes

Contact: Greg Travis
[email protected]
Welcome people as they come in to the church and make sure the building is secure at the end of service.

Food Pantry

Contact: Need a leader
Help collect and organize donated food for the needy.

Grace Family Fellowships

Contact: Evelyn Carr
[email protected]
Get togethers to get to know each other.

Homeless Ministry

Contact: Laura Daglish
Ministry to the Homeless. Meet at the church at 10AM on the second Saturday of the month and go downtown to feed and minister to the homeless.

Ladies’ Bible Brunch (Women’s Fellowship)

Contact: Evelyn Carr, Candy Catty
[email protected]
Ladies’ Bible Brunch on the 4th Saturday of the month at 10:30 AM for a potluck brunch and a time of discussion about the Word.

Men’s Fellowship

Contact: Bob Daglish, Paul Conant, Ed Anderson & Roger Hale
[email protected]
Men’s Fellowship meets every third Sunday at 6 p.m.

Mission Trips

Contact: Don Carr
[email protected]
Share the gospel through drama, music and teaching.

Music Ministry

Contact: Don Carr
[email protected]
Lead congregation in praise and worship.


Contact: Joni Travis
[email protected]
Care for small children during church services.

Prayer Line Ministry

Contact: Evelyn Carr
[email protected]
E-mail prayer and praise line.

Prayer Ministry

Contact: Paul Conant
[email protected]
Prayer during the services on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Recovery Through Grace

Contact: Bob & Laura Daglish
rjdaglis [email protected]
12-step recovery program meets upstairs in the youth room on Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm.

The Gym Youth Ministry

Contact: Gregg Hollis
[email protected]

At The GYM Youth ministry, kids come together to learn through God’s Word, games, drama and multimedia, but most importantly our youth experience real love, real acceptance and a real SAVIOR! (grades 6th-12th)

Visit the Sick

Contact: Chase and Whitney Douglas
[email protected]
Visit and encourage the sick.