From a FB friend and believer Karen Quinn

Hey 😞

I desperately need your prayers ongoing.

I do not want to burden you; all I need and ask is for your prayers.

I have battles coming at me from every side right now in every area of my life – already battle scarred and weary.

From more issues battles and dramas with workers comp claim , to possibly having no income as I am yet unable to return to work to current work place being privatised to finances stretched to capacity, to all areas of health a complex battlefield of its own to having a position that I can do and be successful in and handle to the area of love and more…..

God knows and I have given it to Him and I ask Him to increase my faith and trust within the turmoil and uncertainty where I struggle to even find hope and positive yet I stand on the truth and promises of His Word and continue on fighting despite the battle and the feelings, thoughts and tears.

please fight for me and with me and the battles I am going though and fast and pray with me.

Please pass this on to others if God leads and even your church I do not mind I need all the intercession I can get for the mountains to miraculously move

Thank you.

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