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Prayer Request

Jan Ryder

Please pray for Jan Ryder as she will be having her other hip replaced tomorrow (March 20). She had complications with her other hip replacement. Pray that the surgery and recovery will go well! Thank you so much!

Jim Lynch’s Dad

Jim’s dad fell this morning and is in the hospital. So far they have found 3 brain bleeds and a broken finger. Please be praying for him and the family!

healing for Ericka and Neal

Erika has hole in her ear drum that is not healing and is now infected with fungus.
Neal has acute heart failure.
Please pray for healing for these two people. Thank you!

Miracle for Mom

Please pray for the restoration of my mother’s eyesight in both eyes. She lost vision in her left eye 3 days before Christmas, and lost vision in her right eye on Christmas due to Giant Cell Arteritis. Doctors say it’s irreversible but I know God can make her eyes whole in an instant. Please help me pray for a miracle in Jesus’s name. Thank you!

Need a job

My name is Jesu and I’m from India.i need a job.. please pray for me.