Prayer Request

Prayer Support about an Event at Prairie Creek Library

I learned that a branch of the Dallas Public Library is sponsoring an event at 4 p.m. — 5:30 called “Teens: Dungeons & Dragons” in which one of the features is the casting of spells. Deuteronomy says that this is an abomination to the Lord. Please pray as you are led. (I believe they meet every other Thursday.) Pray also for wisdom for me, as I am an employee at another branch of the DPL. Thank you.

My cousin

Please pray for my cousin. She delivered her baby unexpectedly 7 weeks early. The baby is 4 pounds and in NICU.

No name author.


Please pray that The Grace, Love and Will of God will come upon me and my family. And that all demonic activities, witchcraft and divination, and all unGodly soulties be broken off us in Jesus Mighty Name! Gods intervention is welcome.

Young mother in induced coma

Carol Lynch’s niece flat lined today and is now in an induced coma. Please pray. She has children.

Bob King

My friend, Bob King (wife’s name is Carol, a cancer survivor), has been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. Carol says that without God’s intervention, his time is short. So please pray as you are led. Thank you.

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