Praise Report

Update: dad and surgery

Surgery on Dad’s throat was successful. He is having problems swallowing. Therapy is keeping an eye on him. Don’t know when he will be released. Thanks for prayers. Diane

A close friend of the family

Prayer is Awesome!! GOD is even more Awesome. Since requesting Prayer support two days ago; Chris is not only off of the ventilator, she is being released from the hospital and headed to rehab. Thank You all for joining in with Prayer. But, most of All THANKS BE TO GOD!!!

Cathy, run over by vehicle, update

Praise to God, Cathy is of the ventilator and other machines. She is in a body cast, and with difficulty, able to sit up for short periods of time. Still long way to go. Thanks.

My nephew-update

My sister in law’s labor has stopped with the help of medication. She’s admitted in the hospital and will be monitored & on bedrest. Thank you for continuing to pray for them.

Lee Chadwick Praise Report

God said “yes” to our prayers and pretty miraculously Lee is going home today!!! Praise God!!!

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